We are two (and a half) lovers of food and (probably too much) wine. We have visited every continent, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and have enjoyed fabulous meals  from those that cost pennies in tiny farmers’ cooperatives in the Ecuadorian Andes to those that cost £260 on the banks of the Thames. We have drunk champagne that cost the moon and the stars and shrugged our shoulders and sampled plonk from France and Italy with mixed results – we are always on the lookout for new food and wine experiences which feature heavily in our travels.

We lived in Hobart, Tasmania for four years and revelled in the great little restaurants – Hobart is one of those nice cities where you can put on a blindfold, spin around and walk in any direction, and chances are good you will stumble into a place where you can get a good meal for a reasonable price. We then moved to Darwin , and for four long years we had the exact opposite experience, where you would drop $300 on dinner for two and say, “You know, we could have done that better at home.”  In a city that relies solely on the tourist trade, there is no real drive for repeat business, so you get mediocre meals.  Foodie said over and over again that she wanted to start a restaurant review web page to try to force the Darwin restaurants to lift their game, but for one reason or another, this never happened. So we resigned ourselves to the purgatory of Darwin, brought the Little Dictator into being because we never did anything anyway, and  just continued to eat in the restaurants where you never ordered the oysters because they wouldn’t be fresh and you would give the chicken a miss because it was always overdone and you never bothered with a coffee  because it just wasn’t worth it.

But then the gods smiled on us, and we had the good fortune to shift to Adelaide, South Australia early in 2008. Finding ourselves living in the heart of one of the world’s premier wine regions is a dream come true – we have estimated that there are over 400 wineries within driving distance of our house. But that said, we have had some disappointing experiences here along with all of the wonderful ones.

With this blog we hope to provide less-fortunate souls (i.e., those not living in or near Adelaide) with a ‘locals’ guide’ to the region’s epicurean delights and disappointments. We don’t just focus on the wines – we are self-declared amateur foodies and groggies (we pay for all of our food and grog ourselves and aren’t working for anyone in the business) with a passion for finding just the right combination of food and drink. We welcome tips and comments.

Foodie & Groggy (& the Little Dictator)


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