Seppeltsfield Rare Rich Oloroso Vera Viola

Another unexpected pleasant experience tonight.

Foodie and I were having a nice break from the Little Dictator (because Foodie’s mum is in town) and decided to avail ourselves of the fleeting freedom by booking a table at our newest favourite restaurant – Sparrow Kitchen and Bar.

The food was brilliant yet again, but even more satisfying was the amazing treatment by Dan, the sommelier. Yes, Dan, you nailed it again.

Of particular mention was a (gratis!) glass of the Seppeltsfield Rare – Rich – Oloroso (“odiferous”) ‘Vera Viola’ fortified (Sherry-esque) wine Dan treated us. I had never had this before and actually shun most Seppeltsfield wines due to some bad experiences in the past. But the Vera Viola was magnificent.

I’m not a Sherry connoisseur either, but this had a strong, alcoholic start, a round, fruity, sweet sultana middle and a crisp, toffee (sans sucre) finish that cut the sweetness exquisitely. In short, a fantastic finish to a rich meal.

If you’re a sticky fan, but don’t want to get laden with the heavy, sweet fruit of a port, try this. Highly recommended.



~ by Groggy on 16/02/2009.

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