Steam Exchange Steam Ale

We just popped into The Colonist pub in Norwood at the suggestion of one of our readers (more on the pub itself in a subsequent review) and we wanted to comment on a beer we tried for the first time – the Steam Exchange (from Goolwa on the Fleurieu) Steam Ale.

The website describes the Steam Ale as:

Made in the fine tradition of an American classic. Brewed in small open fermenters, Steam Exchange Brewery Steam Ale is a special blend of three malts, and specially imported American hops. Flavours combine to yield a well-balanced beer, perfect for consumption all year round. The flagship of the Steam Exchange Brewery!

Well, we can see why it tastes so American – it’s the hops. It was a smooth beer, but if you know the American-style ales, then it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Not a bad beer and somewhat unique for Australia, but a little too hoppy for my tastes. In other words, drinkable, but nothing that will make the tongue sing with joy.

I am very keen to try the other three Steam Exchange beers (the IPA, dark ale and stout).



~ by Groggy on 12/02/2009.

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