Review: Lobethal Bierhaus

Over the holiday we found ourselves in the unnecessarily touristy main street of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. It was a hot day (not as hot as it has been lately), but relatively pleasant and the crowds of fat tourists were not too annoying. We ended up in a little random café, sat down to a little lunch while the Little Dictator slept, and enjoyed a quiet meal in the garden corner for half an hour.

Upon paying the bill, I noticed a little colour advert extolling the virtues of a new-ish micro-brewery in a little village called ‘Lobethal’ not too far north of Hahndorf – the Lobethal Bierhaus. “Well!”, I exclaimed. “I know where we’re going next.”

So, we did – we drove for about 30 minutes along the lovely Lobethal road that still has some decent remnant bush lined with picturesque orchards and vineyards. The Bierhaus is a little way into the village and is easily one of the better-looking buildings on the street. Once an old woollen mill, the main building houses a restaurant, the brewery itself, and some fairly modern-looking tables and chairs in a main dining area. The older charm of the woollen mills somehow remains despite the new look.

But, I couldn’t have cared less – I was there for the yummy beer and so we tried a little taster of all 6 brews they had on tap. Wow. Now, I love a good home-brew, but these didn’t taste home-brewy at all. Very professional, but unique. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before and that I couldn’t get the beers easily at my local pub.

They have something for every beer-lover’s taste – a hefeweizen, a Pilsner, an American-style pale ale, a classic IPA, a porter and a stout, plus some others I couldn’t just taste. At the time, the Pale Ale and Pilsner really appealed to me, but I liked them all and suppose there is a time and place for each one.

You know what they say about beer: “Beer is good; more beer is better.” (well, I say that if it’s good beer).

Another interesting feature is that you can get 2-litre bottles of the stuff in what they call ‘growlers’ – fits in well with the previous pearl of wisdom.

One unfortunate aspect was the price – these beers cost about double what you’d pay for even the higher-end brews you can buy at the bottle shop. Not the sort of beer you’d take to any old mate’s barby, especially if you were expected to share.

Still, I thought it was worth it and would recommend going back. The restaurant seems pretty good too – we only tried a few nibbles but vowed to come back and ‘review’ it properly.

Just reading their website now I can see that some of the Bierhaus beers are available in Adelaide (e.g., the Lion, Elder Park Café, Jasmin Indian Restaurant, Village Indian restaurant) and various pubs/restaurants throughout the Hills. Hopefully more establishments will pick them up soon.



~ by Groggy on 06/02/2009.

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