Restaurant Review: Estia

It was a bit spur of the moment, but Foodie picked me up from work and suggested we go out to a new restaurant because she wasn’t able to make it to the market. So, she booked us into a restaurant we had passed by many times on the main street in Henley Beach – Estia (Greek cuisine).

We are big Greek food fans – when living in Darwin we would often grab some dolmathes and taramosalata from the local Greek market, and Foodie would buy some lovely lamb chops from our most favourite butcher to accompany the dips. Combined with some home-made tzatziki and horiatika (elleniki), we’d enjoy a little Greece while sweltering in the north Australian heat.

There aren’t a lot of Greek restaurants in Adelaide (surprising given the Greek population), so I was quite happy to go to one. We shared mezethes as is the custom: a seafood souvlaki special (skewered fish, scallops and prawns), elleniki, dolmathes, barbecued calamari and pita & taramosalata (see menu). The Little Dictator loved the fine feta, olives and cucumbers in the elleniki, of course ate the pita and had a bit of fish, and I was particularly impressed with the flavour of the feta and some of the seafood, but the calamari was a little rubbery (and I love rubbery cephalopods).

All in all a pleasant (light) meal. Nothing to complain about EXCEPT the price. We spent $90 on a relatively light meal comprising a few mezethes dishes that weren’t too substantial. My pocketbook shudders at the prospect of going there with a real appetite and trying some of the more substantial dishes. Times may be tough, but there was no excuse for such an expensive meal.

Good on the chefs for some classic Greek flavours by the beach, and the service was outstanding (we were served by 5 different people over the course of the brief hour we were there). Just keep it realistic.



~ by Groggy on 29/01/2009.

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