Paulett Andreas Shiraz 2005

The first post for our food & wine (well, grog, in general) blog that is essentially an excuse to write more formal notes about our eating and drinking experiences. The problem is we try too many wines and restaurants to remember what we like (and more importantly, what we don’t like), so these entries serve both as personal reminders and public reviews. Feel free to comment!

Our first post features a wine we had last night – Paulett ‘Andreas’ Shiraz (Vintage 2005). Just after xmas we visited the Clare Valley for the first time, and Paulett was a passing whim and a lucky find. There is a beautiful view from the tasting room (see photo above) and an enthusiastic family member was doing the pouring the day we visited.  At the time we remember the tasting to be particularly impressive, but last night the Andreas really came to life. We picked up a couple of good steaks from The Store in Melbourne Street (we have found that The Store is a bit hit or miss with respect to their meat – sometimes they’ll have some really good quality stuff, like wagyu and nice, thick rib steaks on the bone, but they tend to keep it a bit past its prime so timing is everything.  And they are always grain-fed, which to us means “feedlot” and being devotees of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, this always makes us a little sad.  We prefer to buy grass-fed when we can – my favourite butcher is on O’Connell Street, next to a little IGA near the Oxford pub.  All of his meat is “happy meat”, free-range pork and chooks, gorgeous grass-fed beef from Kangaroo Island.   But The Store is closer to us, so we often go there when we are in a hurry.).

Anyway, back to the steaks: We barbecued them with a little garlic rubbed on each side.  We served them with some gorgeous minimum spray baby nadine potatoes from the Adelaide Hills (simply boiled, that’s all they needed) and made up a simple Dijon mustard cream sauce (with Barossa Valley Cheese Company cream, strong French Dijon and a big dollop of Beerenberg Farm Handorf Hot Mustard) which we poured over the potatoes and dipped the steaks in too. It was a match made in heaven.  The wine had a lovely bouquet and lingering finish.  There was a hint of chocolate there, but it wasn’t a heavy, classically South Australian Shiraz blast. All in all, a beautiful wine.

The Paulett site describes the 2004 vintage as:

Great depth of colour, richness of flavours spice, berry fruits, chocolate and mocha, coupled with the harmony of fruit, acid and tannin make up the rewarding mouth feel and ultimate enjoyment of this wine.

which is a little generic, but take it from us – lovely, lovely wine that deserves a special match to food.   Even though our wine rack is currently spilling over and we have a case of miscellaneous wine taking up space in the closet after a holiday season filled with  jaunts to the wine country, we are contemplating buying a case of this stuff.

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